Management Ethics (mit Betreuung)

course duration:15.09.23 - 30.03.24

What do you learn in this course?

After you have successfully finished the course you will be able to identify ethical issues and dilemmas. You will be able to establish rules and management processes to solve these issues.

  • You will be capable of explaining that management ethics combine methods developed in the fields of psychology, philosophy and economics.
  • You will understand basic ethical theories like deontological theories, utilitarianism and justice theory.
  • You be able to apply basic ethical principles like the golden rule und understand the concept of institutional ethics. you will realise that the market economy was based on an ethical concept.
  • You will have the ability to apply modern economic methods like rational choice and game theory in ethical issues.
  • You will understand the concept of ethical dilemmas and the importance of rules and institutions to solve them. 
  • You will understand the concepts of stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.   

How is the course structured?

1 Ethics in the World of Management
1.1 Why Management Ethics
1.2 Basic Concepts and Principles
1.3 Exercises - 1
1.4 Solutions - 1
2 Ethical Theories
2.1 Ethics and Morality
2.2 Morality, Ethics and Ethical Reasoning
2.3 Basic Ethical Principles
2.4 Ethical Theories - Examples
2.5 Exercises - 2
3 Homo oeconomicus
3.1 Methodological Individualism
3.2 Rational Choice or the Rational Actor Model
3.3 Self-Interest, Free Markets and Welfare
3.4 Managerial Decision, Self-Interest and Free Markets
3.5 Exercises - 3
3.6 Solutions - 3
4 Ethical Decision Making
4.1 A Holistic View of Decision Making
4.2 Ethical Analysis of a Decision Process
4.3 Exercises - 4
5 Ethical Dilemmas and their Impact on Management Decisions
5.1 Concept of Game Theory for Describing Dilemmas
5.2 Solving the Conflicts
5.3 Exercises - 5
5.4 Solutions - 5
6 Management Ethics and Rational Choice
6.1 Potential Conflicts between Ethical Behaviour and Rational Choice
6.2 Solving the Conflict
6.3 Ethical Behaviour as Rational and Required for Sustainable Management Decisions
6.4 Exercises - 6
7 The Impact of Economic Institutions on Ethics in Management
7.1 Ethical Quality of Good Institutions
7.2 Ethical Dilemmas in Case of Missing/Failing Institutions
7.3 Ethical Management to face the Lack of Institutional Rules
7.4 Exercises - 7
8 Stockholder or Stakeholder Management
8.1 The Stockholder Theory of Management Obligations
8.2 The Stakeholder Theory of Management Obligations
8.3 Exercises - 8
9 Corporate Social Responsibility
9.1 Definition and History of Corporate Social Responsibility
9.2 The Debate about CSR as a “Norm” for Corporations
9.3 CSR in Practice
9.4 Implementation of CSR
9.5 Exercises - 9
10 Global Governance
10.1 The Concept of Corporate Governance
10.2 Corportate Governance in National and Supranational Organisations
10.3 Goals and Social Values of the Corporation
10.4 Corporate Governance and Control
10.5 Ethical Evaluation of Corporate Governance
10.6 Exercises - 10




Präsenzstudium: 20 h


In this course, you can earn Certificate of Higher Education.

What is the price of the course?

The fee for the supervised course is 550 €. Please send us a request via the shopping cart and return the required signed documents back to us. You can also pay the fees in installments. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a recognised training certificate.