Innovation Management

course duration:Self-study course
Author:Dr. Saskia Bochert

What is in Innovation Management about?

Innovation is the key to success for companies that want to be successful on a long-term basis. Solving problems in a creative and innovative way is a competency that can set your business apart from its competitors. In this course, you will gain valuable knowldge to bring you ahead of your competition and kick-start your innovative potential.

What do you learn in this course?

After having studied this module, you will have gained knowledge about theoretical basics of innovation management. You will understand the meaning of innovation management and its demarcation against routine activities in companies. You will be familiar with the most important terms and theoretical models, and they will know some of the available analysis techniques and project management instruments for dealing with innovations.

How is the course structured?

  • Macro Factors and Innovation
  • Managing Intellectual Property
  • Managing Organisational Knowledge
  • External and Internal Technology-based Analysis
  • Technology-Portfolios
  • Selection of Technology Strategies
  • New Product Development
  • Management of Research and Development
  • Strategic Alliances and Networks
  • Knowledge Transfer




In this course, you can earn Training certificate.

What is the price of the course?

The fee for the unsupervised self-study course is 50 € (incl. VAT). After having paid, you can start right away! You get immediate access to the course and can work with the material for ! Afterwards you will receive a training certificate, once you have successfully completed the required tasks.