Marketing & empirical social research

course duration:Self-study course
Author:Prof. Dr. Gordon Eckardt

What is this course about?

Selling fridges to penguins? That would require quite the marketing effort! Even in more promising cases, a good Marketing strategy is a prerequisite for the success of a company.

This course provides a structured overview of the topic of marketing and its central tools, concepts and strategies.

You get to know the most important terms and work with conceptual approaches and processes of marketing and empirical social research.

You understand how to analyze market situations and to make a forecast. Based on this analysis you learn how to formulate marketing targets and how to reach them using the so called marketing mix: product policy, price policy, distribution policy and communication policy.

What do you learn in this course?

In this online course, you will learn about basic concepts as well as conceptual approaches and methods of marketing and empirical social research. You will go through the decision making process to create a marketing concept and apply it to specific cases. Lastly, you will reflect strategic approaches and the tools of marketing and apply them to specific cases and get to know methods of empirical social research.

How is the course structured?

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Analysis and Understanding of the Market Situation
  • Fundamentals and Methods of Market Research
  • Forecast
  • Definition of Marketing Targets
  • Formulating the Marketing Strategies
  • Product Policy
  • Price Policy
  • Distribution policy
  • Communication policy




In this course, you can earn Training certificate.

What is the price of the course?

The fee for the unsupervised self-study course is 50 € (incl. VAT). After having paid, you can start right away! You get immediate access to the course and can work with the material for ! Afterwards you will receive a training certificate, once you have successfully completed the required tasks.