jbjMOOCeu - Online course on digital youth participation (#jbjMOOCeu)

course duration:Self-study course
Duration:6 weeks

What is this course about?

The course offers an introduction to the topic of digital youth participation. The course is open to everybody and free of charge. The course focuses on testing concrete tools and ways in which digital youth participation can be implemented.

Every unit offers a new topic. The topics range from the core concepts of digital youth participation to the creation of votes to the design of complex participatory processes.

In addition to that, there are various tasks that aim towards experimenting with the presented tools themselves as well as fostering a discussion between the participants of the course.

This course is for people who

  • want to get an overview of the topic of digital youth participation and learn about the established tools and projects.
  • are interested to intensify their use of digital media for youth participation.
  • are already experienced in (digital) participatory processes and are interested in discussing the topic with others.

What do you learn in this course?

You will

  • learn the core concepts of digital youth participation.
  • be introduced to the possibilities of digital youth participation.
  • experiment with several tools designed for participatory processes and
  • apply a framework for evaluating these tools.
  • get help from experts in the field.
  • explore successful projects and practices of digital youth participation.
  • collaborate with other participants and experts to make the best possible decision for your project.

How is the course structured?

The course consists of 6 units with various tasks and videos.

  • Unit 0: Organizational matters and “Welcome on Board!”
  • Unit 1: Basics – Introduction to the topic of digital youth participation
  • Unit 2: First steps – Collaborative authorship with Etherpad
  • Unit 3: Collecting ideas: Brainstorming and polls with Tricider and Padlet
  • Unit 4: Discussions: Participatory processes with various online platforms
  • Unit 5: Organizing events: Barcamps as a method for participatory events and their organization with Camper
  • Unit 6: Putting it into practice: Finding the right tools for your participatory process.

This course is the international version of the successful jbjMOOC. The jbjMOOC was originally conducted over the course of 6 weeks, featuring one unit per week. This course is now available as a self-study course. Each unit contains several videos and tasks. As of now, two units are available. A new unit will be added every two weeks and can be worked on immediately.

Who leads you through the course?



jugend.beteiligen.jetzt – für die Praxis digitaler Partizipation (youth.participation.now – for good practice in digital participation) is a joint project of the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS), Deutscher Bundesjugendring (DBJR) and IJAB – International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany e.V., initiated and supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. jugend.beteiligen.jetzt conceived and co-created the jbjMOOC in German language and provided the content for its international version, the jbjMOOCeu. The jbjMOOC highly values the participation of young people and implemented their input as early as during the conceptualization and planning phase. Students from Esslingen University produced the course’s videos in a participatory environment during Wintersemester 2017/2018 and share their experiences with the discussed tools in the form of video tutorials.



The English version of this course has been made possible by the SALTO-YOUTH Participation and Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI).

Verena Ketter

Verena Ketter

Prof. Dr. Verena Ketter has worked for 14 years in the youth work sector as a media educator before she was appointed professor of media in social work at University of Applied Sciences Esslingen. For the German version of the online-course, she assisted her students with the different phases of the project, e.g. media production and implementation. Furthermore, she conducted the evaluation of the course and supported its participants.

Kristin Narr

Kristin Narr

Kristin Narr is a media educator and explores the educational possibilities of digital media, giving workshops, lectures and seminars. One of her main areas of focus is digital youth participation. In collaboration with jugend.beteiligen.jetzt, Prof. Dr. Verena Ketter and Dr. Sandra Schön (BIMS e.V.), Kristin developed the concept for the jbjMOOC. In addition, she was the course’s contact person and made it available as a self-study course. Alongside Christoph Sandmann, she worked on the jbjMOOCeu, the course’s international version in English.


It is assumed that you are interested in digital youth participation and are willing to participate.


Please plan approx. 2 hours per week for all course activities.


In this course, you can earn Badges and Training certificate.


jugend.beteiligen.jetzt - jugend.beteiligen.jetzt

Cooperation partners

Hochschule Esslingen

Supported by

SALTO-YOUTH Participation and Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) - SALTO PI  


Except where otherwise noted, this course’s content is licensed under CC BY 4.0. For attribution please use: “CC BY 4.0 jugend.beteiligen.jetzt” (translated and slightly modified by Christoph Sandmann and Kristin Narr).
The course’s material was produced and made available by students from University of Applied Sciences Esslingen.

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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