Academic Writing (#intaw)

course duration:Self-study course
Author:Christine Brunn
Duration:6 months access

What is this course about?

Your term paper, bachelor or master thesis is just on the horizon? You already have an idea for an interesting topic, but your last lecture on scientific work has been a while? No problem! With this online course in the field of soft skills, you will be able to refresh your knowledge! We guide you through the jungle of scientific work and show you how to get the needed information as well as organize, process and write it down efficiently.

What do you learn in this course?

  • Application of research techniques
  • Presentation of facts and results
  • Documentation of research processes and products

Academic Writing

How is the course structured?

This soft skills course provides a good preparation for the academic writing in universities and universites of applied sciences. You will get to know quality standards that apply to various types of scientific work. Afterwards, work should be easier to comparable and research processes can be verified reliably.


In this course, you can earn Training certificate.

What is the price of the course?

The fee for the unsupervised self-study course is 50 € (incl. VAT). After having paid, you can start right away! You get immediate access to the course and can work with the material for 6 months! Afterwards you will receive a training certificate, once you have successfully completed the required tasks.


Technische Hochschule Lübeck

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