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Online-Weiterbildung im Bereich Maritime Wirtschaft

Maritime e-courses

Maritime e-courses

Are you interested in a maritime career? Are you currently working onboard or onshore or do you see your professional future in the maritime industry?

If your answer is “maybe” or “yes”, the following e-courses are interesting for you!

Within the project KNOWME the following three e-courses were developed:

These e-courses will enable young people and professionals for the maritime industry to develop and manage their careers in a lifecycle-oriented approach. All courses meet the needs of industry as regards content, structure and teaching/learning technologies and with the necessary time, place, and communication convenience. The goal is to facilitate modern career management and development for potential workforce, seafarers and on-shore staff under a life cycle approach.

The courses can be used in a flexible way: you are able to learn whenever and wherever you want to. You decide your own learning tempo, intenseness and style. Learning can thus be flexibly integrated into your individual daily schedule.

Target groups Potential and current workforce onboard and onshore; employees in the maritime industry. The prerequisites to these e-courses are on a general level.
Course progression The e-courses run 100% online.
Learning Workload 45 hours
Starting date anytime
Costs none
Language English

Access to the courses

Go to and create yourself an account on our learning management platform. Once your account is created, enrolment keys give access to the e-courses.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement n° MOVE/FP7/265966/"KNOW-ME".

Go-Maritime: the career portal to the maritime industry

The internet portal Go-Maritime wants to interest young people in a career in the European maritime industry. Focused on the target group of students and young professionals, the whole spectrum of career possibilities onshore and offshore is presented:

Dive into the maritime world

Images, interactive maps, animations and videos offer a realistic insight into the exciting working environment offshore and around the ports. What is the day of a deck officer like? What has to be taken into consideration when working in multicultural teams? How is it possible to stay in touch with family and friends? What infrastructure do the different vessels offer? Which career paths does the maritime industry provide? Go-Maritime answers all these questions.

First steps to a career

Go-Maritime also supports first steps to start or change a career. Links to job portals and maritime-specific application tips offer additional help. An interactive map of Europe gives details of more than 500 contact persons and employers.

Scientific background

The content of Go-Maritime is based on scientific research conducted by 13 author teams from six European partner countries. The portal emerged from the EU-project KNOWME. The innovative network stands for education and training that allow for a continuous career development on board and on shore. More information on

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