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Innovation Management

Weiterbildung BWL: Innovation Management

One step ahead with innovation management

Innovation is the key to success for companies that want to be successful on a long-term basis. Solving problems in a creative and innovative way is a competency that can set your business apart from its competitors. Join our course and become the driver of innovation in your company!

In this course you will learn about the theoretical basics of Innovation Management and how it is differentiated from routine activities in companies. You will get to know some of the available analysis techniques and project management instruments for dealing with innovations, e.g. patent portfolio, technology portfolio and S-curve. However, the most important aim of the course is to encourage you to be open-minded about unconventional, flexible solutions without neglecting fundamental economic ideas. The ability to apply the theoretical knowledge you gained in this course in a problem-oriented way will not only bring your company forward, but will also help you to improve your personal career.

Course information

Course duration: winter term (15.09. - 31.03.) and summer term (15.03.- 30.09.)
Registration deadline: 15 August (winter term), 15 February (summer term)
Course methodology: 95% online / 5% face-to-face meetings
Language: English
Learning Workload: Approx. 150 hours (including preparation, follow-up, assignments and examination)
Prerequisites / entrance requirements: none
Author / mentor: Dr. Saskia Bochert (Fachhochschule Kiel)
Supplier: Fachhochschule Kiel, Jade Hochschule and Ostfalia Hochschule in cooperation with oncampus GmbH, the E-Learning subsidiary of Fachhochschule Lübeck
Face-to-face meetings: The meetings take place at the Kiel or Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Examination: Assignment or presentation
Degree / Certificate: Certificate of Kiel University of Applied Sciences
ECTS transfer and recognition: This course can be recognised in a possible study programme with 5 credit points ECTS (if entrance qualifications are met)
Fee: 550 Euro


Course content

1. Innovation Management: An Introduction
2. Macro Factors and Innovation
3. Managing Intellectual Property
4. Managing Organisational Knowledge
5. External and Internal Technology-based Analysis
6. Technology-Portfolios
7. Selection of Technology Strategies
8. New Product Development
9. Management of Research and Development
10. Strategic Alliances and Networks
11. Knowledge Transfer
12. Final Comment
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