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Management Ethics

Weiterbildung BWL: Management Ethics

With ethical management to a successful company

Due to the wide access to information nowadays, people become increasingly aware of the way companies treat their employees, stakeholders and the public. Stories of immmoral business practices spread quickly through the media - and they often leave an irrepairable damage for the company. This shows: Ethics and ethical behavior are essential parts of a healthy management. Behaving ethically is an integral part of long-term success in a company, now even more than ever.

With this course, you will become aware of the importance of the ethical treatment of employees, stakeholders, the public etc. and how it affects the company reputation. After completing the course, you will be able to identify ethical issues and dilemmas and will know which rules and management processes can be used in order to solve these issues. Therefore, you will get an overview over basic ethical theories and modern economic methods.

Prepare to take responsibility in a managerial position! By keeping in mind ethical standards during all your business activities, you will not only strengthen your position in the company, but will also positively affect the company itself.

Course information

Course duration: winter term (15.09. - 31.03.)
Registration deadline: 15 August
Course methodology: 95% online / 5% face-to-face meetings
Language: English
Learning Workload: Approx. 150 hours (including preparation, follow-up, assignments and examination)
Prerequisites / entrance requirements: none
Author / Mentor: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Matthias Kirspel (Jade Hochschule)
Supplier: Fachhochschule Kiel, Jade Hochschule and Ostfalia Hochschule in cooperation with oncampus GmbH, the E-Learning subsidiary of Fachhochschule Lübeck
Face-to-face meetings: The meetings take place at the Kiel or Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Examination: Assignment or presentation
Degree / Certificate: Certificate of Kiel University of Applied Sciences
ECTS transfer and recognition: This course can be recognised in a possible study programme with 5 credit points ECTS (if entrance qualifications are met)
Fee: 550 Euro


Course content

1. Ethics in the World of Management
2. Ethical Theories
3. Homo oeconomicus
4. Ethical Decision Making
5. Ethical Dilemmas and their Impact on Management Decisions
6. Management Ethics and Rational Choice
7. The Impact of Economic Institutions on Ethics in Management
8. Stockholder or Stakeholder Management
9. Corporate Social Responsibility
10. Global Governance
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