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Cross-cultural Training

Cross cultural training course

Cross-cultural competences on board ships

Seafarers have to work with a big range of different cultures, on board as well as in port. Not knowing the cultural differences of the people involved can lead to a large number of misunderstandings, unnecessary controversies and evitable accidents. Everything you learn in this course can be used in everyday life as well as in critical situations on board. Cross-cultural competences are also very helpful for a future career ashore.

Aim of this free e-course is to prepare participants (i.e. nautical students, maritime professionals and people interested in a maritime career) for cross-cultural issues on board and sensitizing them for the origins of cross-cultural misunderstandings.

This e-courses will run completely online and can be used in a flexible way. You can follow your own learning tempo, intenseness and style and you can therefore flexibly integrate this course into your individual daily schedule. Exercises and quizzes can be completed online within the context of the course and are evaluated on the spot.

Course Goals:

After having completed the course, you are able to…

  • … face the intercultural challenges on board in a more efficient way than before the cross-cultural training
  • … reflect on your actions and keep on developing your intercultural competences on board and ashore
  • avoid misunderstandings at the culturally diverse working environment that are caused by cultural differences
  • … define, acknowledge and utilize the advantages of the mix of cultures on board and ashore
  • tolerate cultural diversity and behave in a positive way in culturally diverse working environments (both onboard and ashore)
  • improve safety on board by ensuring a better understanding and increasing team cohesion among crew members, and between the crew and the shore-based personnel
  • avoid cross-cultural blunders
  • … recognize situations in which it is necessary to confirm your understanding compared to what is discussed
  • … know about the complexity of cross-cultural issues and are more aware of them, be pro-active
  • … reflect on your own actions and keep on learning!

Bitte beachten Sie: Diese Kursbeschreibung ist auf Englisch, da die Kurssprache ebenfalls Englisch ist.
Please note: The course description is in English only as the course language will be English as well.

Course Informationen

Course duration: Start anytime
Registration deadline: none
Course methodology: 100% online
Language: English
Learning Workload: Approx. 45 hrs
Prerequisites / entrance requirements: … be interested in developing your intercultural competence
  … have spent 6 to 12 months on board and have made first experiences with other cultures
  … be English language competent
  … hold general verbal and writing communication skills
Additional information:
Author / Mentor: Author: Dipl. Wi.-Ing. Dorina Pörksen, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany
Supplier: Lübeck University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with oncampus, the e-learning subcompany of the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Face-to-face meetings: The participation takes place 100% via web, there are no face-to-face meetings
Examination: none
Degree / Certificate: Certificate of Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Fee: none
Access: Go to and create yourself an account on our learning management platform. Once your account is created, enrolment keys give access to the e-courses.

Topic Overview

Cross-cultural Training I Awareness Training
Cross-cultural Training II Culture Theories
Cross-cultural Training III Background Knowledge about nations
Cross-cultural Training IV Assimilator Training

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement n° MOVE/FP7/265966/"KNOW-ME".

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