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Controlling (advanced)

The different cost-based methods of decision making

With this online course you will be enabled to prepare and make decisions on the basis of the best known cost-based methods. You will be capable of deriving required information from business data and using controlling techniques for solving strategical and operational problems.

Overall you will be familiar with the major controlling instruments and learn how to use them effectively.

Bitte beachten Sie: Diese Kursbeschreibung ist auf Englisch, da die Kurssprache ebenfalls Englisch ist.
Please note: The course description is in English only as the course language will be English as well.

Course information

Course duration: Each winter term (1/10 – 31/03)
Registration deadline: Each September
Course methodology: 80% online / 20% face-to-face meetings
Language: English
Learning Workload: Approx. 150 hrs (including preparation, follow-up, assignments and examination)
Prerequisites / entrance requirements: Knowledge of general business economics
Author / Mentor: Author: Prof. Dr. Tamz (Kiel University of Applied Sciences)
Supplier: Lübeck University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with oncampus, the e-learning subcompany of the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Face-to-face meetings: 2 face-to-face meetings on weekends incl. examination. The meetings take place at the Kiel or Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Examination: Project Work (50%), examination (50%)
Degree / Certificate: Certificate of Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
ECTS transfer and recognition: This course can be recognised in a possible study programme with 5 credit points ECTS (if entrance qualifications are met)
Fee: 1060 (payable in 6 installments of 176,67 Euro) plus 65 Euro examination fee


Topic overview

1. General Controlling
2. Instruments of strategic cost management
3. Controlling for strategic enterprise management
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