International Manufacturing Remote Lab (MINTReLab) (#mintrelab)

course duration:Self-study course
Instructor:TU Dortmund University
Duration:6 weeks

What is this course about?

The MINTRelab is an online manufacturing technology course offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the TU Dortmund University. The course is an introduction to the different aspects of the so-called tensile test and is based on the professional perspectives of five different experts relating this test to their field of research and development.

What do you learn in this course?

You will be able to understand:

  1. The fundamentals of stresses and strains, as well as, elasticity and plasticity.
  2. Which machines are involved in a tensile test and what are the standards guiding such a test.
  3. How a tensile test is actually performed and analyzed.
  4. How a flow curve is generated based on the experimental data.
  5. Additional information which you can get from a tensile test and how to use it for simulations, like machining and forming simulations.
  6. Special aspects when analyzing plastics using the tensile test.

How is the course structured?

  1. Introduction
  2. Mechanics of Materials
  3. The Tensile Test
  4. Measurement Technology
  5. Manufacturing Technology
  6. Characterization for Simulations
  7. Plastics




6 chapters with 2–3 hours per chapter


In this course, you can earn Training certificate.


Technische Universität Dortmund - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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Interessantes Thema, würde ich auf jeden Fall vertiefen. Mathematische Vorkenntnisse benötigt.


Nice experience