Cross-Cultural Training

course duration:Self-study course
Author:Dorina Pörksen

What is this course about?

Seafarers have to work with a big range of different cultures, on board as well as in port. Not knowing the cultural differences of the people involved can lead to a large number of misunderstandings, unnecessary controversies and evitable accidents. Everything you learn in this course you can use in everyday life as well as in critical situations on board. Cross-cultural competences are also very helpful for a future career ashore.

What do you learn in this course?

You will be prepared for cross-cultural issues on board and sensitized for the origins of cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Cross-Cultural Training

How is the course structured?

  1. Cross-Cultural Training I – Awareness Training
  2. Cross-Cultural Training II – Culture Theories
  3. Cross-Cultural Training III – Background Knowledge about nations
  4. Cross-Cultural Training IV – Assimilator Training


In this course, you can earn Training certificate.


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